Referencing group work in portfolios?

I’m just putting a piece together for my portfolio, and it happens to be a piece of group work where everyone’s contributed pretty evenly to the project.

I was wondering if there are standards/conventions regarding presenting group work in portfolios. Say, if someone created the logo/identity for the project, am I still allowed to use their work?

My idea is to highlight the group’s entire submission (models, sketches, process, etc) and showcase what I contributed to the team.

Saying that, with every model and sketch that is shown, do I need to cite each piece (maybe with a small text credit at the bottom of the image) or can I just put my team members names down at the front? Would I also need to go as far as to say what they did for the project so whoever is looking at my portfolio knows who can be credited with the particular work?

Or is it because its teamwork, everyone should have open access to the work that was done in the project and it’s really up to me to present the information?

Getting credit right is very important, absolutely.
The way I have done it that I have put in the whole project and then credited the other team members by name in the beginning or end.
Censoring the project makes no sense to me as it completely cripples it.

I am certain that there are not just group projects in your portfolio. In the context of your individual work compared to the group projects, it is easy to see what you contributed.
Do credit the other members but your portfolio is about you, not them. So you don’t have to explain in writing what everybody else did.
Later, in an interview situation, that is when you can go in depth and explain what your role was in the project and how it developed.

I am assuming that we are talking about student work right?
If not, what and how you can show things might get a lot more complicated.