References for freelancer going in house.

As a freelancer applying for in house-positions what are your options for references?

For the last few years I have worked part time as Freelance Industrial designer. With the economic recovery a few great in-house positions have come to up and I have some interviews lined up.

I thought all was good until a recruiter expressed concern that I didn’t have many long term in-house positions to contact references from. Most of my positions have been 1 year contracts or shorter, and are at least 2-4 in my past.

I do however have have a stable of freelance clients that I have worked with on an ongoing basis for several years. While they are not peers reviewing my work they I believe that they are valid references.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation?

Absolutely, if they are willing, use clients as references. Any recruiter who doesn’t think that is valid is not worth your time.