Referee flashdrive

Whole our life is game. This flasdrive has original form. If you see it on somebody neck, you know who rule the game !

I’m listen your feedbacks)

It’s kitsch.

Aside from the fact that it adds a huge amount of mass that is not required by the drive, it has a removable cap (which most users will tell you will get lost after a few months), the height of it will prevent it from correctly inserting into many USB ports that are located close to another surface (like a laptop USB port that is directly above the table surface) and it will block off the second USB port if grouped in twos.

It’s a bad design. Just because you can make a USB drive fit into any form factor on earth doesn’t make it a good idea. :open_mouth:

…what he said

another example of why people should learn to design (…which means they become designers) before learning CAD…

Ditto to all that.

The only way this would be cool is if you could make it whistle when a file transfer is completed.

If you’re going to make a crazy USB drive, make it like this one…

Dog Humping USB Drive

or you download a sound in to the whistle then when you blow it the sound comes out…it could be more like a flute to solve the size issues.