Reebok Pump 20th anniversary

Just came across this- some good stuff there.

To add, I always had the idea (going back almost 20 years I think) of a commercial, where there would be some guy at the bottom of a pool or lake. Hey pumps up the shoes, floats to the surface, then commences to walk across the water (WWJD?)…

Anyone also remember those Nike shoes that could be inflated with some sort of air canister injected into the heel area. Some crazy super high tops. I saw a pair at a Value Village a few years ago and still regret to this day not picking them up ($10 FTW!)… PU foam was all degrading, but sure they could bring a pretty penny on ebay (original had a blow moulded plastic box IIRC). I can’t recall the name but sure someone must know… help?

Was it the Nike Air Pressure? some googling find this…


I’m pretty sure it was “The Air Pressure”

Sweet documentary. Some of those pump prototypes where pretty wild.