Reebok Internship Project

This was my submission for the Reebok Internship Project. This may have been the most difficult project I’ve ever done. Not because of the process, but rather I have been somewhat incapacitated for quite some time and I was only recently that I’ve been well enough to be able to work again. Basically I started and finished this project in three days. No sleep, and never left the art building and turned it in with 10 minutes to spare.

There was so much more I wanted to do with this project, but I just did the best I could do with the time I had available. I plan to totally revamp this project for my portfolio, but I just thought I’d go ahead and put this up as a first draft and get criticism.

I think one thing you missed is their branding. This doesn’t have their logo anywhere besides on the layout. I’m actually inclined to think this is an adidas shoe if I look at the styling alone.

Regardless, commendable effort in three days.

From what i can see your sketches are the strongest of the deliverables, but you hardly show them. I’m much rather see a page full of sketches in the second board, personally than linework which you also show again in the 3rd.

As for content, my first question is your premise. Such a bold statement that “most people wear basketball shoes outdoors, yet they are designed for indoor” raises red flags for me. Where is this “fact” from? How do you know that most shoes are designed for indoors? Are you saying that you know better than all the great minds at the sports companies? Sounds a little presumptuous and to me leaves the wrong feeling from the get go. Perhaps if you re-worded it such that you are looking at a blacktop specific model, it might make more sense. BTW, are you familiar with the Reebok Blacktop line they did in the 90’s…it was created for exactly that reason… you might want to research those and use as a starting point, showing you know the brand and history more.

I also do agree about the branding. There is nothing really in the design DNA or product graphics that say reebok to me. As well, aside from the “specifications” (really just made up, of course), there doesn’t seem to be much different from any shoes out there that scream Blacktop/outdoor to me.

Proportion is good, but I’d also say the rendering could be improved. Parts are looking a bit flat.

OVerall though, a good exercise in cranking a project out quickly.

Best of luck.


I agree with all the points you guys bought up. One of the many reasons I hope I never have to do this is that I got so caught up in finishing the project on time, that I forgot simple things that I otherwise would have put in had I a moment to walk away and come back and evaluate what I did.