This is my submission for the Reebok Summer Internship. I wish i had more time to work on the project, it could be developed more. I also want to thank some of the core77 members who helped contribute ideas and feedback.Any extra feedback would be appreciated.

This is a great looking project! You could really round the board out by adding some consumer profile information (target age, lifestyle, what is important to them, how that inspires the design…)

Thanks a lot YO! I will add those pages to my presentation for my portfolio. I guess I was a little to conscious of trying to keep the pages down to about 4 or 5. I also sent them two other pages not related to my assignment project.

Nice Job…Is this the project that decides if they accept you?

I didn’t even get that far…Reebok didn’t give me a chance

I think since I’m a Business Major now…I would have liked to atleast know I wasn’t accepted based on the work they saw :confused:

But if it is that, your project looks good, and good luck to you!..

Thanks, and yea this is pretty much it. I also sent them a few other samples of work. Why do you say they didnt give you a chance? Did you apply for the internship aswell?

Ya, I filled out the online form, and later got an email saying that I wasn’t accepted for the portion of sending in your work…
I don’t agree with the way they do it at all…Other companies will at least look at your work…

Its corporate man. That’s the way things work sometimes.

Well done, Mr. Mial. Hopefully Reebok doesn’t scoop you up before I can use you.

arff23 that’s unfortunate man. I guess they just figure that "trained” design students will be able to transition easier. I still feel they should’ve at least saw what you had to offer

Design coterie Ha, thanks Brad, honestly I’m not really banking on getting it. Im sure there were a lot of applicants so… :confused: we’ll see. I would be extremely excited if I was offered the opportunity. :smiley:

im not sure what other companies think about this, but in my final student portfolio i had 2 dedicated shoe projects, one was about 6-7 pages and the other i considered my personal thesis was about 18 pages, i went into the consumer at the beginning as well as marketing ideas at the end. I thought at least for my main project or my main focus (footwear), i wanted to address everything i could think of at the time that could affect the project, ive never understood these limits on # of pages per projects, but at the same time, every page better be adding something new and useful to support the story of your project. Worked out pretty well for me but theres alot of variables involved.

I also looked at it like this… in the interview they wont have to ask me or even just wonder to themselves if i had been thinking of the consumer or how the market would accept my project. They could tell that i had thought about it. Rather than trying to make up something on the spot or basically saying ‘yes i did but i didnt show it’… for whatever reason that most students will have.

your computer work is pretty good on these shoes, i dont think its at all necessary to use 2/3 of a page to show how you go from sketch to illustrator. you already show sketches, and you have the colorways shown which is cool, so put the emphasis back on that and not this process that will be pretty much understood without you having to spell it out for them.

dziner82: first let me say i agree with a lot of what you said, about putting as much info in the project as possible. Makes sense, the more information i give them, the less unanswered questions they will have about the project. Secondly, i think the reason i decided to keep the amount of pages low, was due to my personal philosophy of K.I.S.S. :smiley: . That, and the fact that i had about 2 weeks to do the project plus a full load at school. As for the “Process” page, i added to it because i agree with what YO said about it being another step in the design process.

All in all, this was actually my 1st real shoe project that i have completed. I know that i have much to learn, which is why i am applying for the internship.

i definately understand everything you are saying, it was not too long ago that i was in the same boat. Just remember that when anyone looks at your work you dont get any leeway for it being your first project or that you completed it in x # of days.

I will say though that your first shoe project is pretty good from a skillset standpoint, if you were like me i sketched and rendered a bunch of shoes for about a year before i ever did an actual project.

and the kiss philosophy is a good one, but only if you cant do the other things well. if you dont feel comfortable or know how to go about addressing consumer information for a footwear project then its always an option to not include it since it might be way off base, but like yo said, it would really help to round it out, even in the internship stage they are gonna be looking for someone that can understand more than just drawing shoes.

keep up the good work though, thats what critiques are for!

dziner82:the words of wisdom are much appreciated. hey, I would love to see that 18 pg project you were talking about,and/or some of your work. I always like to get inspired by people with skill greater than my own, thats how i learn.

sure man… sent you a pm.