Reebok G-Unit F-50 (new rendering)

These are the reebok g-unit f-50’s. a luxury athletic shoe made for 50 cent. my inspirations were the f-50 ferrari and the reebok gunit g6’s. so i pretty much tried to make a shoe taht had hints of the f-50 in it and some of the g6 gunit flare. i tried to keep it simple since that is what most gunit shoes are. its supposed to be a clean shoe taht the general public would sell to the general public as well (after a bit of advertising by 50cent lol). please leave comments and suggestions. i would like to see what i am doing wrong and work off of that. so suggestions and even hate is encouraged here. just please explain why u dont like it. Enjoy:

NOTE: if u have firefox, do not use the view picture button. the lines seem crooked if u use that. thanks

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Nice sketch. Tell us a little about yourself so we can better asses where you are coming from (are you a high school student, college student…)

A few questions:

1_ Why the f50. Does 50¢ own one? Does this car have some special place in rap culture? What is the connection outside they both have 50 in the name?

2_ I think you can tie the car into the show more. For example, there is a black line that runs the entire perimeter of the car that separates body panels for manufacturing. hey turned this necessity into a design detail. You have a short blue line that mimics that but only cosmetically. If you made that line wrap the entire shoe just right, it could take the place of most of your seams.

3_ is that white line in the upper a seam? Design that line.

4_ the shapes of the mesh underlays look accidental, like they are the result of the shapes around them. Design them, put a stitch line around them, and find a nice piece of mesh or webbing, put it under your drawing, and with the side of your pencil rub the texture through to your sketch. (test it on a blank sheet though first!)

Good sketch. I like the midsole. Would like to see how the outsole and top view look… Thanks for posting!

A little about myself: Im 16 years old, and a sophmore in high school.


  1. In his song Wanksta he says “It’s 50 a.k.a Ferrari F-50”. In his video for Candy Shop he drives a red f-50 ferrari in it. In other words he pretty much likes the ferrari f-50. Like using jordan’s car while designing the 14’s, i used “50’s car” and made the gunit f-50’s. i hope this makes sense lol.

  2. Yeah I tried to wrap the line around the whole shoe and decided i did not really like that look. So i tried it at different lengths until i found this one suited the look the best. I probrobly drew it wrong when i wrapped it around though. I’ll work on that, thanks! :smiley:

  3. I’m not sure which white line you are talking about, sorry. But I’m guessing it is the one above the blue. If it is, the line is supposed to be extra comfort along the ankles. I’ve seen it in some shoes before, but just made mine wider than the other shoes.

  4. Yeah, i actually did kind of design them to fit the shapes around them. Before you told me I thought that was the way to go. Thanks for telling me it wasnt then lol. They are not put there randomly though, the one on the side just above the midsole is supposed to represent the black triangular spot on the side of the ferrari (sorry i dont know what it’s called). The one on the top is supposed to represent the two indentations on the top of the ferrari. I read somewhere that making the shoe look like what you are looking at shape by shape is not a good thing. So I combined the two indentations into one larger one in the middle of the top of the shoe. Can you clarify this for me? Its rather confusing. As you said in the second question, I should make for ferrari features in the shoe. However, like I said before i read it was not supposed to look too much like what your inspiration is, but rather with minor similarities. Which way is right? or a little of both? Thanks for telling me the paper on top of mesh way though, i never would have thought of that. I’ll get right to trying that out.

More views are coming, thanks for your comment and suggestions!

Thanx for responding.

1_ good explanation, it’s good to lay thoughts like that out upfront, maybe even get a shot of 50 with the f50 for the presentation board

2_ its good you where trying other combinations. Post the other sketches, it will give us more to discuss.

3_ I’m talking about the white line that runs vertically from the midsole up to the eyestay. What is that detail?

4_ You are partially right. The idea is to break down the concepts behind your inspiration. For example the air intakes on the side of the Ferrari are strategically designed to flow air into the motor. The ones on the hood control airflow over the car and help to create downforce to keep the car on the road. You also want to manage air in the shoe, and the foot has the most sweat glands on the top and sides, so the inspiration is applicable, its just a matter of not being literal. Does that make sense? In other words, don’t imitate the shapes, be inspired by the ideas behind the inspiration.

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  1. Is the layout for the design really important. I mean the presentation. Or is it an optional thing to do. This is the first time I used an actually layout type of thing to show the shoe off. It was challenging because all I have is Microsoft Paint. Do you suggest me get anything else? or is Paint fine? thanks

  2. more to come! i need to use the scanner again. i just finished the birds eye view of the shoe, so that will be posted in a couple days

  3. ohhh i get it. thats kind of like a seam. Like on most shoes, its a stitch of a layer of leather. I made it thicker than stiching and kind of like a smaller layer of leather.

  4. Yeah i understand what you’re saying. thanks for all ur help!

new picture
top view of the reebok g-unit f-50

please leave any suggestions, comments, etc. thanks

Most of us might call that a “Plan View” just to give you some new vocabulary.

Keep up the work though, you’re starting down the right path at an early age. Ask for Photoshop for Christmas or birthday, as well as a scanner. It will make things a little easier than Microsoft Paint.


Thanks. I’ll keep PlanView in mind when i draw next time. I don’t think i made myself too clear though, sorry. I drew these by hand, and scanned them. I then used microsoft paint to put the additional images. I’m definantly thinking about getting photoshop. Is it really hard to use though? Do i have to take a class for it or anything? thanks again

PS is quite simple to use. There are tons of useful tutorials online and your local bookstore would have a cheap book of basics as well.

does 50 cent really have a track called wanksta? thats really funny

m4d3lnchln4: being able to sketch how you do at 16 means you’re on the right road to becoming really good.

yo’s suggestions are good and i would just add:

  • really think about how different pieces on a shoe overlap eachother and therefore when a piece is on top remember that the way to show this is by adding stitching on the top piece. it’s weird but stitching does so much for a sketch.

  • the top view of your shoe is a little bit out of proportion but it’s not unrealistic so the proportions don’t really disturb me…also here stitching would be such a help to understand the volumes.

  • people telling you to buy a scanner and software programs…who are they to tell you how to spend your money?? real bad and stupid advice in my opinion…it seems like you used pantones (or something similar) to colour in your sketchs…and you’re good with them. when i use to use pantones to add more of a 3d effect i would create shadows etc with a soft pencil, like a 3b or a 4b. also don’t think that photoshop or any other program will make you a better designer…yes they do help but if you’re good you’re good.

I’d have to agree with Jelena. At this age, don’t spend your money on equipment. Stick with pencils, markers, cheap stuff while you develop your lines. By the time you get out of college the whole program/equipment landscape may be completely different. When you go to college, they’ll have most of what you need, that’s what your tuition will go for. Then get your stuff while in college if they don’t have good times for you to use the facilities or if they’re overcrowded, etc. Then make sure you get all of your programs and a computer system before you graduate to take advantage of student discounts.
Right now, there’s tons you can do with hand sketching and marker rendering that won’t break your budget. A $100 scanner is nothing to us, but you’ll miss that money at this age, could go for school books, .