Reebok Concept

I haven’t posted in a while, this concept was inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen fighter planes. Im also looking for an easy way to make my own material swatches. Ive read first pullover tutorial but i’m still learning. Great tutorial by the way…



Good stuff.

your second one has much nicer proportions. Stop your EVA midsole earlier and you will see it speed up.

Legal departments are pretty specific about corporate logos, I would use their full logo. Also, enlarge the shoe a bit… its lost on the background!

Check out some cut and buff eva examples:

Thanks Michael for your feedback, I appreciate your advice and consideration. If you know of any good reading material about footwear design please forward me the info… -J-

A few quick sketches of stopping the E.V.A. midsole early.

Sorry to distract from the discussion…but what the hell is this?

It looks like a house slipper.

some variant of the original cortez. maybe an OG nylon race version, not 100% sure… or might just be a part of the newer distressed (yellowed foam, etc.) retro pack with a nylon upper for looks.


That one had me cracking up earlier…Forest Gump retired those a while back!

Yo and Kuchinsky, Ive been studying up on both your tutorials I definitely appreciate them. Any and all advice is welcome.

a little sketch humor…
forest gump sketch.jpg

Distressed pack, based on OG cortez.