Reebok and Hp hookup

This is very interesting…just enough shock value to excite the senses. Very squishy…!

Interesting - I thought HP Mulitjet Fusion was only nylon. Good to know that TPU is available.
Super ugly shoes, though.

This is great. A perfect example of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

What a waste of perfectly good shoe laces.


I’d love to see a little video of someone walking in those…. Wonder what their gate would look like…

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OP’s link has a video with a few seconds of the runway show starting at 0:58.

They look clunky to wear but there are shoes in the market that wear just as poorly.

Theoretically, they can be recycled and turned into next year’s experiment. No waste.

The brief must have been “demonstrate that very difficult and complex shapes can be created with our tech”.

And this came out the other end.

Perhaps people in the 22nd century will wear shoes like this?

A supplier pitched me something similar about 6 months ago. My questions was “what do you do the first time you step in something like mud… or worse?”, but maybe that is just something I think about as a dog owner and living in a city where sometimes there some yucky stuff on the street. Like when I used to see someone wearing flip flops on the subway in NYC… :flushed:

I also find it interesting that a lot of these printed concepts I see have faux stitching. Though I remember reading the grooves in stone columns came from how they made wood columns so I guess it is just human nature to carry the aesthetics over for awhile.

Eventually I’m sure this will mainstream. We had machines that could print foams back in the 2000’s at one of my former employers. I’m sure everyone is trying to get there. The idea of being able to pop a product out of a machine with very little finishing is obviously immensely attractive from a production standpoint. Crocs already does this, but the tooling costs for a product like that are very very high. This obviously eliminates the tooling cost and potentially the MOQ on an individual design. As long as the machine is running it doesn’t matter what size or color it is printing or if it is a totally different design.