redesignme- when ID goes wrong!

just came across this site.

a good collection of bad design and suggestions for redesign.


thanks cg, great link. I find the interesting thing is to think about the different designs, and what I noticed is that almost all designs was some I would/could have come up with, but I would have gone further and tried to reframe (or at least refine) the problem. I think that some of those are great examples of too little time, to much pressure and to little motivation.

Nevermind, someone design something 10 x better if they get the chance :laughing: . (not to bash the designers of the products. Theres probably some very legible explanation for the way it was designed and manufactured…)

once again, nice link…

Wow, that website needs a redesign.

Nice idea though, I came across it before but the crappy UI made me not look into it more.

agreed. funny how there are far too many design critical sites out there that need some help. Donald Norman’s site also comes to mind.

if you think that is bad, check this!


Oh thats horrible… another funny one is usability expert Jakob Nielsen’s website: