Redesign project for uni interview

I have a uni interview on Wednesday and need to do a 2-3 pg redesign task - currently having serious idea block. any help?

Just look around your desk and pick something. With such a short project It’s best to pick something small.

Staple Remover
Pen Holder (I currently use a mug)
Tape Dispenser
Super Glue container (my lids all junky)
Headphone cord management


Not sure what they look for in an Uni interview, skill set or ideas? Maybe someone else can chime in. But best to tailor your efforts to the area they prefer.

well as part of my portfolio i have two half done redesign sketches - ie i have taken a webcam and irons and developed their forms slightly - thus they wouldnt be suitable for this but like you say stationary for arthritic people etc - saw a real good clothes peg for srthritic people earlier.

Any university interview project is more about showing your though process and to some degree skills. Doesn’t really matter what you do. Just show how you think and execute.

Best of luck.


Design a process for deciding what to design. I bet that would get noticed!

made me chuckle :slight_smile: certainly would be noticeable :slight_smile: yeah I know uni interviews are all about your general thought processes etc but I just need the initial idea to run with

still cant think of a viable idea so am probably going to have to go with staplers or something