Redering Preference?

Im a first year I.D. student at Savannah College of Art and Design…Just wondering what everyone likes to use for there renderings…and if you mostly use the computer…what program?

Illustrator to get the line work down and color blocking, and Photoshop for shading and highlights. Some people use sketchbook pro but I think this program is design around a tablet, tablet PC, or Cintiq.

Get the sketches tight first. The rendering is the gravy on the turkey… gravy by itself isn’t very good.

Mmmmm…graaavvvvy, I love the stuff by itself; but i am a lil’ weird…so yeah, I’d go with yo on the whole turkey (sketches) before the gravy (rendering)…though to answer your query, you can’t go wrong with illustrator x photoshop

also keep in mind than pencils/markers/computers, etc. are just a tool to enable you to communicate your design intent.

all too often i see fancy renderings (esp. tablet work that seems to more common these days), that is a nice picture, but with little design.

sketch first, work out your design and go with the tool that you are most comfortable with and will present the idea the most effectively.

for the first 3 years in the footwear industry, I was working on huge collections, and brought to market more than 30 different styles. i never needed a rendering once (as the final design was approved quickly and in-house by a CEO who could read a quick sketch). since it was common to need 20 new uppers a season, i developed a quick technique of working through informative sketches to establish the design and then went straight to illustrator line-art for the fty.

renderings for rendering sake i say should be avoided and i always prefer to see good design in a straightforward sketch over fancy renderings with little design thinking.