Red Dot and other Design Competitions

Anyone else doing the Red Dot Competition?

I’m entering a new design in the product’s category, but have some concern that the dot may not be all that.

Care to share your experience with this and/or other design competitions? I’m going to go after ID Mag Design Review at the end of the year, too, even though the reviews of ID on these boards seem baaaaaaaaaaad.

No. The people on these boards just whine and kick. Very little action here.

good luck with the comp.
About every one of them is fixed.
It’s all about who contributes the most money to the magazine or company who is holding the competition.
If you don’t believe me, you will as you get older.

Oh old and wise Mossimo, please reveal more truths to us simple common folk. You are so wise and all knowing!

hey, the red dot award is very prestigous, its only been around for a few years but many good products have taken home this prize. as for ID magazine…go for it, my boss sat on the review and said it was really stupid the whole review process. he, like all of the people on these boards had nothing good to say about laura boym, and he also wasnt happy with most of the selections.

good luck with both.

If your company retains a PR/Ad firm, have them do the entry for you (it’s thier job anyway). Both of my IDEA awards were entered this way and I haven’t had much successes doing it otherwise, so it may make some difference.

Life is rigged.
If you let that stop you, GET OUT NOW.