recycled sneakers

Recycled sneakers are used to make surfaces that are put down on playgrounds, basketball courts and tracks. Anyone know of design recycle - ability going the other way? Car ties being used for sneakers? I found one picture of a group in Guadalajara … ID program at the Tec de Monterey taking tires to make sandals. I also recall one of the Caruso brothers (I bet that was John Caruso) making furniture out of recycled sneakers.

What kind of auger can chew up tennis shoes and create a flooring in the end?

Simple Shoes. Not that I have experience with this product but I saw it posted in the footwear forum the other day and took a look.
This doesn’t strike me as a new concept. Old friend of mine makes sandals out of old tires - learned it from his dad who was a salvage welder at the local steel mill. Guy could make anything out of any junk.

Ah, from a quick google search. Here’s where he got the idea:


Back in the early 90s I was in NYC and stopped at Barney’s in Chelsea. They sold shoes from a company called US Roads that used recycled tire treads as the soles of the shoes. It was a pretty cool looking sole, imo. The nylon reinforcement made some interesting patterns. I bought a pair that had a black suede casual top, iirc, they were about $60. Which I found very reasonable, especially at Barney’s. Unfortunately, I think they have gone out of business. I have never been able to find that brand again.

I have never been able to find that brand again.

That may be because they are now called [u]U Roads[/u] (which popped up at the top of the list when I googled “US Roads Shoes”.)

anyone hear of machinery that separates steel belts from the tires for recycling? And … grinder for pulling rubber into small easy to contend with chunks for re-melt/recycle.

Well what do you know, they’re back. Awesome.