recycled rubber origins....

hello …i’m doing a research on recycled rubber and i’m looking for some clarifications.
Is the name " recycled rubber" a general name used for a wide variety of recycled rubber ( like when the name plastic is used to indicate all the polymers world…)
What is the origin of the recycled rubber ?
Is this material made from a mix different wasted rubbers , re-worked together to obtain a recycled one or it come from a unique wasted rubber material recycled?

Do you know if there is any recycled rubber material which is also bio degradable?
All the infos I got regarding bio degradable plastics products ( made from corn , cellulose and other natural sources ) shows that they are rigid plastic one ?
Anyone knows if is possible t o btain softness and flexibility ( as rubber-like materials…) with bio degradable plastics made from natural sources ?
Can the natural rubber ( obtained from the gum tree ) an answer to above question ? Is this material , after transformation to obtain the final product , recyclable ?

I really appreciate any other useful info…thanks a lot in advance

…as i recall, petroleum and lamp black are added to natural rubber for processing and to extend wear characterisitics…petroleum doesn’t bio-degrade very quickly (it is millions of years old coming out of the ground)…plant oils will breakdown very quickly…recycled rubber probably started when millions of tire carcuses were shreded to conserve space…

Most recycled rubber materials are composite materials from reclaimed tires, shoes, industrial waste, etc.

Natural rubber comes in the form of latex. However, there is a HUGE difference between Natural Latex and conventional latex commonly found. Common Latex has many petro-chemical stabalizers and other toxic synthetics. Natural rubber has a mixture of Soda Ash and Zinc.

For more info on natural rubber try this link —>