REcycled plastic sheeting


Does anyone have any leads on where I could buy recycled plastic sheeting in smallish quantities?

I currently make printed lampshades on 1/16 thick PETG and HDPE, and have looked EVERYWHERE for something recycled to substitute, but can’t seem to find it.

I have investigated 3Form - their stuff is great but not really what I’m looking for.


Forgot to mention that I’m looking for something transparent, or at the very least translucent.

Thanks again.

Maybe these people could help… “Petcore”:

(They recycle drinks bottles)


Translucent/parent material; hard stuff to locate, huh?

I spent some time browsing this website and some links.

Something to consider:

I understand your desire to utilize recycled materials in your products. But, it would appear that procuring small quantities might expend more energy (in transporting it to you) than it would save. A thousand pound roll would be the most economical way to buy it from a transportation point of view (vs. multiple shipments of smaller quantities).

PETG and HDPE are both recycleable … if you are saving your cutoff material for recycle, perhaps it’s a even tradeoff.

Just a thought.


After giving it some thought, I really think you are right.

I had found a company who thought they had a few sheets or regrind kicking in one if their warehouses - in Michigan. I am on the northeast coast. Think of the time and energy that would take to send two measley sheets to me. Turns out they didn’t have any left anyway.

I can easily understand why there’s no economic incentive for a big company to sell miniscule quantities of raw materials, but I wish there was some smaller company around who could act as the middleman. I’d be happy to pay the markup.

Anyway, as you point out, the PETG and HDPE are both recyclable materials.

Thanks for everyone’s replies!