recycle your dang phones

ok so here it is, recycle your phone and get free gear. collects phones and recycles them, so depending on how much your phone is worth they’ll give you coupons to places like,, and soon to come circuit city. all you have to do it mail it in. check out their site, and use this code: 5056 to get an extra 10% off.

i sent in my last 4 phones and got 100 bucks, and these were old phones, so check it out. any questions? email me,


Thanks for the info, I’ve got about 5 myself including one that looks like a WWII walkie-talkie…

yeah i’ve got like 4 of those old ass phones and got some cash for it too.

hey if any of you guys have tried it tell me or shoot me an email,, i just want to know how you liked it and if you tried. thanks guys