Recycle Symbol

Anyone know where i can get a plastic recycle ID symbols in EPS format. The triangle made up of arrows with a number 1-7 in the middle.

I was able to get it in TrueType format, the font name is recycleit.ttf. It appears to be public domain- there are copies of it all over the web.

You can go to They should have it in an EPS and AI format. you will also have a few to choose from and the prices are really cheap.

One secret I’ll give away… If they don’t have it here, I am positive you will be coming back later, time and time again. Vector art of nearly all major brands, companies, logos, etc.


ps- It’s all free, no sign up, really actually free. But you can PayPal me if you’d really like.

great resource and i use it frequently especially in preparing work for potential client presentations when i dont yet have their logo art.

R is a font website that has many dingbats that i am sure will have the recycle logo.

good luck