Recruiting Agencies?

Hello everyone,

I’ve heard people working with recruiting agencies for finding employment. Companies such as creative circle, 24seven, etc…I have been contacted by one who wants me to come in for an interview. However, I’m not so sure about it. Has anyone worked for one and can tell me about their experience? I’m also unsure about the contract, or any contracts for that matter. I’d like to know who designers use to read over contracts before signing them.

Thank you

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I have used a staffing agency to find some temp work, and I found it pretty helpful. I dont think it could hurt to go in for an ‘interview’. However, the first interview (if it is just with the agency) is mostly to make sure you exist and would like to meet you. Usually it does not mean that there is a position waiting for you. When I went through the process, the company I was working with got paid on the side, and I would never see that amount. For example, If the position paid $15/hr, then the agency would also receive a check for $3/hr, which is completely independent from yours. In other words, they are not taking a cut of your check. Also, I believe they only got paid for 90 days or so, with the employee staying on making the same amount. This was only my experience, and every contract will be different. Just make sure you ask the questions about how you will be getting paid (through which company), how long the position is for, and if there is any opportunity to switch on the employing company permanently. Again, this is just my experience using an agency and also hearing about some my co workers that are currently working through one.

This is what concerns me:

Other than work or assignments specifically authorized or assigned by COMPANY. I promised and agree not to perform any services, or accept any assignments (whether permanent or temporary), at any client of COMPANY while on assignment or employed by COMPANY, and for a period of 365 days after my last day of my last assignment with COMPANY, without the prior written consent of COMPANY. I understand that COMPANY may condition such consent upon the payment of a fee or other compensation to COMPANY by the client.

My goal is to find a permanent job. I don’t want to have to worry about asking “permission” or waiting 365 days?!

That’s what bugs me about recruiters/headhunters.

From an employee standpoint, they toss highly restrictive contract crap at you. From an employer standpoint, If I hire a headhunter to find an employee I’ve got to pay and additional 10-15% of your annual salary just to get one there. And typically, all they do is throw resumes at you without any knowledge of your business. No thanks.

Yeah I get you. I honestly just got out of a 6-month contract job (they said it was a trial for full-time when it was not). I’m not getting stuck in that position again. To me, it seems that these recruiters are mainly for people who desperately need something fast, which means freelance/contract for $15/hr…I may go into the interview and tell them that I’m not signing anything yet and see what they have to say.

Interview practice never hurt anyone. Plenty of recruiters/headhunters do work for large corporations that can float the extra cash. For small businesses, it just doesn’t make sense.

For one of my previous corporate positions, I was in fact found by a recruiter on behalf of the company. Aside from initial contact, forwarding of resumes, etc. I had nothing to do with the recruiter, was interviewed by the company, negotatiated with the company, paid by the company and signed a contract with the company.

I 'm approached quite often by recruiters and have gone on a number of interviews for positions through them. I’ve never once been asked to sign any sort of contract with the recruiter.

Normally how they work is they warehouse CVs, try to match them up with positions for whom they’ve been contracted to search for, and are paid by the company a fixed rate or % of salary for a fixed time.

Of course there are all different kinds. I’ve never been involved with the temp work/freelance type recruiter which I imagine is a totally different thing than the executive type I’ve dealt with.