recommended source for LARGE sized prototype fabrication?

Hi -

does anyone have a resource for a prototype fabricator that can handle a large product? This device is something on the order of 80 inches wide x 40 inches deep by 40 inches tall and comprises many large sculpted parts that would need to be fabricated in such a way as to be capable of supporting their own weight. The finished parts would need to be painted to a fairly hight level of appearance. Casting of SLA parts is likely out of the question due to the sizes we are dealing with, so I was thinking more along the lines of CNC’d foam molds and fiberglass layup. Any resources? Due to the size I was hoping for a resource somewhere on the east coast within driving distance of NYC.


Modelvision in Danbury CT could probably do it. excellent pricing. good eye for color. great to work with. website is (still) lame.

Dynacept is in the same general neighborhood, Brewster NY. never used them but know one of the people there. heard some good things. will use them eventually.

if you are going through the trouble of getting things CNC’d anyway why not skip the foam and just get a structurally stronger material cnc’d. ie wood, renshape, big blocks of plastic?
is this some sorta little tykes prototype?