Recommended Reading?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend me any design related reading?
Any books that you have read (new or old) that made an impact on you or maybe altered your thinking on design?..

Any recommendations would be great.

Absolutely need to read Cradle and Cradle and The Design of Everyday Things.

The so called Designers over at Toshiba, Samsung and Motorola really need to read these books as well. I can’t get over how bad some of there stuff is sometimes.

They are not “so called” designers, they are designers.

at the OP, do a search through the forums, this has been discussed:

Some of the books I would highly recommend reading.

Small is Beautiful - E.F.Schummacher (must read for everybody who walks this earth)

Affluenza - Oliver James

Designers are wankers - Lee McCormack (for any design grad or student studying its a good little read)

Emotional Design - Donald Norman