recommended Laptop for Rhino use

Hi guys,

as summer approaches I want to buy new hardware for the first time in
years, because I want to sit in the garden, while posting on core.

Right, I still don´t have a notebook (laptop) here at home and use a
workstation instead.

In the office I do use some kind of Toshiba Satellite, and I like the durable quality and reliability of the thing, but it shows annoying bugs with Rhino.

So, what brands of notebooks do you prefer for 3D and 2D work?
I would prefer it to be below 1k, though.

Thanks for any hints.

yours mo-i


I’d be curious to hear some opinions on this too…

mo-i, you’re speaking of 1000 Euros, right?

I run Rhino, Alias and Bunkspeed on a Mac Book Pro at work. Runs fine.

If your just running Rhino just about any laptop with a graphics card should work fine.


I bought a used Toshiba M200 with upgraded memory, a few years old but still runs all the 3d CAD programs I’ve tried like a champ. Now I think they’re only worth a few hundred $$ so it’s inexpensive, but the best part is it’s a tablet PC too, which is great with Sketchbook Pro.

Are you running windows on your macbook then? I’m curious, because i’m in a similar situation of looking into investing in a laptop upon which I can run programmes like solidworks, 3ds max, cs3 etc.

Rhino, Alias and Bunkspeed as mentioned above all run locally in os x (rhino still only in beta). Adobe CS3 and 4 also comes for mac (of course).

For solidworks and 3d studio max you will need windows. I recommend using bootcamp as running virtual machines means you’ll have to systems using the same resources at the same time.

Cool thanks Jada. Will look into it.