Recommended design schools in UK?

Hi everyone!

I am an engineering graduate from Asia looking to shift to design by doing a masters degree. Which design schools would you recommend for a MA/MSc in Industrial Design in the UK?

Currently I have applied to: RCA, UAL, Coventry, Brunel and Loughborough.

Also please do share some thoughts on the design industry in UK.

Give me an idea if you want an MA or an MSc and I can give you a better idea. You should have a focus in your direction when choosing a Master’s degree. If you are open to doing MA or MSc and don’t care which then you sound like you just want a Master’s degree for the sake of having a Master’s degree and not to hone your skills or focus.

RCA is very arts based but simply having it on your CV will be impressive to employers, though that should not be the reason to go there.
UAL you don’t really see people that graduate from Master’s there. I think it could be fine but I wouldn’t go there over other options.
Coventry is 99% international students on the Master’s degree (almost exclusively Chinese) and has zero standards for entry - if you are looking to experience a more diverse course and have any kind of standards you do not want to go there.
Brunel is a top university and in a good location to be part of the bigger design industry in the UK if you can afford to live in London prices.
Loughborough is a very good university too but the second that you step outside of the campus it is a very unpleasant part of the UK.

If money is unlimited then do the joint RCA-UCL Masters degree in Innovation Design Engineering. You get 2 Master’s degrees, both an MA and an MSc from 2 top universities in 2 years, but it is £25,000 a year fees plus living costs - probably £90,000 total costs with rent and living expenses.

I am looking for an MA, because I think I need to learn more of the arts side of design as I come from a technical background! I really appreciate the feedback. What would you suggest to opt for?

I have applied to the Design Products course in RCA and the industrial design courses of the other unis listed above. I got an offer from Brunel and Coventry already!

Also could you shed some light on the condition of the design industry there?

I would go to Brunel then. I realise that by UAL you mean Central Saint Martins, that is also a good choice but still too arty in my opinion. I thought of Ravensbourne at first. I would really just go for Brunel though, otherwise Glasgow seems to be an interesting choice these days.

I have only ever lived in the UK so I can’t give an answer to that question which is comparable. If you’re above average you will be able to get a graduate designer position at a design consultancy in London after you finish, but salary to living cost ratio is likely to be bad.

Thanks for your opinion, really appreciate it.