recommendations for blogging software

I am overwhelmed by Wordpress and to me it doesn’t appear to be the best thought out in terms of usability. Friends have recommended Blogger, but I don’t want to sign up only to find it’s the same sort of deal.

Does anyone have any recommendations on blogging software? I want ease-of-use over flexibility.

Tumblr. is tumblr based, and you can customize the templates/CSS as you wish. Some annoying parts to it (like any other service), especially multiple image uploading (it puts them into this dumb flash-only gallery, so I usually upload my images on my website server and remote link to them with the < img > tag). But highly recommended, well designed, can follow/get followed.

Also: can hook it up to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous,, etc…

Blogger sucks.

Tumblr (as Tarngerine mentioned) or WordPress is the way to go.

Take a look at It has a fabulous interface.

Thanks for the tip! Very nice, indeed.

I installed a news system from on my homepage. Works nicely, but i guess it could fall under the category of flexibility instead of ease-of-use.

Im no php/html guru though and still managed to get it to work they way i wanted.

Thanks for the replies. I kept on having a play with Wordpress and I got the hang of it ( more or less).
Squarespace looks beautiful but pricey. Tumbler looks pretty good too.

Wordpress is voted the number one CMS content management system. I have used it a lot, good stuff.

Word Press has more capabilities than blogger, so if you aren’t a fan of Word Press then I would recommend tumblr instead. It all depends on what parts you don’t like and what you are looking to do.