recommendations for a tiny good one...

hello there!

i would really love to get some recommendations and advices regarding digital cameras which most important parameters are: it should be physically as small as possible but still of good quality (at least 3-4 mega pixels). the budget - at around 600$.

thanks in advance!

tam :open_mouth:

i love the sd10 from cannon. great point and shoot and TINY. oh, and less than $300. fantastic deal for 4 megapixels.

I rock a canon sd10 in my pocket at all times, in the past 4 months it has become such an amazing tool to have around and i fear the day that i forget to drop it in my pocket before leaving the house.

it’s small enough that i was able to snap off some shots in the national SPY museum where cameras are prohibited.

and at 4 mega pixels and an awesome litium battery i think it’s unbeatable for it’s size

although i have also heard a lot of great things about the pentax optio

I have a Fuji Finepix F700 Digital Camera and love it. Great pictures. Largest digital screen I’ve seen on a camera this small. (Its really tiny.)


that fuji looks like a fred flinstone lunchbox compared to the sd-10

IMO, the best tiny cameras worthy of a designer are:

Casio Exilim s3:

  • Credit-card tiny
  • Great quality images
  • HUGE viewfinder
  • Neat fatures like auto HTML galleries and double-exposures
  • Dock (with slideshow playback feature)
  • Designer fetish item
  • $350

For a bit more heft & cost, the new Sony Cybershot DSC-T1:

  • 5mp
  • Good zoom & Zeiss lens
  • GARGANTUAN transflective viewfinder
  • $550