Recommend 1-2 sketch software for Cintiq/Surface Pro 4

I am getting back into digital sketching and the market seems to have lot more options these days, I am on PC side here.

Which sketch software are you personally using? Is AD SketchBook Pro still king? I am not sure I want to go on subscription, although $30/year is peanuts I guess.

I could stick to PS for sketching but was curious to hear you views.

Thanks for your time.

Give Leonardo a try - I like it. Here are a few recent sketches I did with it;

Here’s some info on Leonardo… Leonardo update boasts new brush engine — Surface Pro Artist

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It’s early on, I can’t say much about it except we’ve stored a BT chipset inside a silicone badge and it uses conductive thread for touchpoints.

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It’s OK, there is no IP involved - only proprietary connection methods.

Affinity any good for sketching?