Recommand me a LCD monitor please.

My current LCD has horrible horrible color. I know it can be adjusted, but still it just isnt right.
(20" Hannspree).

I would like following features:
great colors, gray scale, black, no ghosting etc.
23" or larger
1980 x 1200 resolution
DVI and HDMI connections.
Cost below $400 max… but cheaper is better for me.

Any recommendations?

I’d start here: But, since it appears you live in China, you probably have access to thousands of more options than this site can provide.

I recently bought this monitor, and I really cant recommend it enough. Again, as you live in China I can’t guarantee anything.



Look for something with an S-IPS panel. They are more money but the reality is you are going to get crap color out of any cheaper panel, it doesn’t really matter the brand.

My personal suggestion for a while has been the Dell Ultrasharp 2410 but I’m not sure what the pricing would be like locally.

Most real estate bang for the buck is Samsung 2343 at 2048x1152 resolution but it is a TN panel.

If viewing angle is important then a PVA or IPS based monitor is better.
A Dell UltraSharp U2410 24" at 1920X1200 resolution is an IPS that is pretty good.

You need this, but I’d go for the Dell too.