Reclaimed wood - bench project

Well i would say 30% through the next bedroom furniture project.

Bench for the end of the bed (out of shape need to sit to get my sock on :unamused: )
36" length 14" wide 20" high

2x5 reclaimed barnwood
Cut to length
the fun part is deciding how to place each piece and what characteristics of each piece i want.

I have completed my dry fit.

Next steps -

  1. im going to plane down all the faces that are not exposed in order to get a clean fit.
  2. Next ive decided to use liquid nail
  3. light sanding
  4. tung oil

My biggest concerned was that i would have a project that would not need a new tool :laughing: but i fixed that :unamused:

remaining 2 pictures

Well i finally had time to complete my Bench that i started (minus one more coat of oil i think)

Below are some pictures. And also some of my leanings.

  1. The precision required to execute a simple design i found to be harder then i thought
  2. Keeping the natural beauty of the wood seemed to add a complexity that i didn’t expect
  3. i need to learn how to make more strategic cuts
  4. I love Liquid Nail
  5. When you do not use a joiner in combo with a planer you need to accept and embrace the dimensional variances.
  6. Move my planer to the garage, buy a joiner.

two more.

that is a serious set of finger joints! Nice!