Recently graduated and increasingly confused.. help!

Wow! I have been reading these forums like crazy for the last few days and there is sooo much good advice. Before getting into my personal doubts, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you, this is such a great resource :smiley:

I recently finished my ID Engineering degree in Spain, where the degree taught at state universities is very engineering oriented. I’m now looking into jobs and masters, but I really don’t have much of a creative portfolio. And, in fact, I am more interested in the engineering aspect of ID so that doesn’t worry me. I’ve gathered from other posts that the masters (I’m looking in Europe) at Delft and Eindhoven are more engineering inclined- are there any others in particular?

I understand that the experience can be more valuable than jumping into an MS, but the job market in spain for designers is a bit barren. Do I stand a chance outside of Spain or are degrees elsewhere much more creative?

In any case, I’m aware of my own shortcomings and don’t want to compete with all of those innovative, creative and driven designers out there. What other ID jobs are there that are not directly involved with the artistic/creative phases?

Thanks to anyone willing to give me advice and maybe one day I can ‘give back’… Gracias!


ID Engineering, not sure but that sounds like the CAD Jockey who turns design concepts into tooling geometry for production, is that correct?

My experience is, that someone with visual sensitivity to get the designer’s intent into the final part is rare and quite valuable,

If your capable of producing photorealistic renders of the final production geometry you’ll be able to write your own ticket.

Hi no_spec, thanks for the reply!

Actually, ID engineering is basically like any other ID degree but with a significant emphasis on maths, physics, manufacturing processes, etc.

I guess what I was trying to get at is how to land a job in ‘other’ design process tasks- such as management or strategy.

I found a master at Delft- Strategic Product Design- is anyone familiar with the program?

Thanks again…

Well, Most of us are in North America, and our ID degrees are more art based. I took calc but did not go much further in math, and my school did not have a physics requirement (I took physics as well). We also learned about manufacturing processes and materials but not to the level I think you mean.

So what can you do? Also do you have a site that has your work on it? Or maybe a site from your Uni that tell about the courses that make up the program?

It almost sounds like you got what we might call an Industrial Engineering degree, where your focus is more about designing manufacturing systems and processes rather than actual products? Does that sound about right?

Well, not exactly. There is an _Industria_l engineering degree offered at my university, but it´s not the same as ID engineering. But I’m more than happy to explain what it consists of…

I suppose we have the similar classes to the ID degrees in north america, but with less focus on art. My university has only translated a small part of the website into english, but you can check out the courses here:

And you can check out a pdf about my university here:

The courses are basically the same at any state school in Spain. I’d greatly appreciate any comments on how this compares to the ID degrees that any of you have studied…

It seems like the curriculuum is not too studio focused, for mainstream ID it’s the portfolio and connections that gets you that first job out of school.

You should post what you have for a portfolio so far, and ask for some feedback.

you should plan on working for several years before trying to use grad school to leapfrog into management. What about engineering is more interesting to you? why do you want to go into management?