Recent UK Grad - Job Hunting

I’ve recently graduated and am now job hunting.

Whats the best way to hunt these companies down, yellow pages? Internet?

I am finding the Internet brings up quite a lot of rubbish which isn’t relevant, are there any good sites that list relevant design companies?

design directory UK (a bit old but a good start)

Core77 design directory (alot of US companys but a few UK ones)

keep looking on design week jobs board, adrem (recruitment consultancy) and coroflot. Icon design mag has a few job openings to.

certainly don’t to a mass send out to a dear sir/madam, find out who there principal senior designer is call them up and have a chat to grasp what they are looking for. It will save you alot of time.

Wack some work up on coroflot to give you some web presence and also the chance for the boards to crit your work.

Get out to design events and get talking & networking with people, alot of jobs aren’t advertised.

Finally don’t be to picky if you have no experience, your much more employable if have some work experience. for example in my first job I did GA drawings for mobile phone accessory’s