Recent Graduate

Hello my name is Keaton Huff and I recently graduated from SCAD. I was hoping to receive feedback on my work and what I can improve upon to increase my chances of getting hired.

All feedback is welcome!

My work can be viewed at

Hi Keaton, glad to have you on the boards. It is a simple thing, but I bet you would get more responses if the link to your work was clickable:

My initial honest assessment of the work is that the forms seem defined by what could be built in the software vs what is the right solution. Does that make sense?

Hi Keaton, Thank you for posting. Your website and presentation style are very good, reading through an entire project story stays engaging this way.
Your best project I feel is the Raeda dementia aid, actually helping a specific user group that needs the attention, and a simple solution.
To future-proof it further you can think of many upgrades as well to expand on the supporting features they receive. Unfortunately protein-induced brain and nerve damage can move rather quickly and we need to tackle this problem on a molecular level in the end, a pressing issue which we don’t understand yet fully but I believe we can achieve within two decades.

I see good skills but would like to see your designerly skills in terms of the creative and analytical process developing more in-depth. For example the quality of a headset is largely dependent on materialization. Your design work is rather crude although you are exploring lots of options. Also look at semantics of form - why are objects shaped in certain ways and what does it communicate. I agree the fire extinguisher needs a redesign from the viewpoint of usability, but it does need to look like an emergency device and be immediately transparent in communicating its functionality through its forms (see the concept of affordances).

The first thing to do at the start of a project is set out a clear vision and design brief, so you are better guided throughout your creative process and can run your analytical activities in parallel.

Hi Keaton,

I haven’t got any feedback on the work yet, but the website doesn’t work at all in Chrome on my Ipad, although it does in Safari. Make sure that the website works and displays well in the primary browsers and on the most common devices. You never know how someone might be viewing your work, and any simple inconvience, just like the clickable link above, could potentially hurt your chances when there’s a stack of 200 folios to go through.

One other thing I’d note, on the about me page, is that you’ve said that you graduated in 2018 but are also an expert in Solidworks and Keyshot. Be careful with the wording of this, do you mean to say that you are most interested in them, or that you are deeply experienced in using them?

The last sentence on the about me page isn’t finished and is also missing some words.

I have experience working in many different fields > such as well > as working on projects with a team.

Make sure that you pay attention to all of the details because employers will notice the mistakes.