Recent Grad w/ a (good) dilema

Hey all. I have a situation i could use some advice on. Currently im in chicago, about to graduate in I.D. in a couple weeks, and have been interning at an Office furniture manufacturing company on the ranks of SteelCraft or even Herman Miller. Most of what i do at the company is CAD work and other engineering tasks. Ive been able to “design” some of my own stuff but its mostly basic stuff and i have to stay within some strict limits. Most of the time, though, im working on OTHER peoples designs that our company has outsourced. (we really dont do in-house design work :frowning: ) Basically, its NOT what i want to do ultimately… too much engineering for me. Recently the company has expressed genuine interest in hiring me full time. Ive basically been told that if i want the job, ive got it and just have to make an offer. The problem comes in the fact that i haven’t sent out my portfolio yet to ANY companies that id actually LIKE to work for---- companies where i could actually do design work. Should i accept the job even though I MIGHT get a job somewhere else in a couple months and would have to leave 'em hangin? Or should i bail on the company now and hope that someone else wants me? Honestly i dont even know what the job market is really like right now…or even what kind of salery i should ask for. ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Take the job and keep looking. Its is tough out there. You may not find a job so quickly.

As far as this company. Its not like they have to train you, you’re already trained. You will hit the ground running. Just be sure when you do leave that you give 2 weeks notice.

The other thing you can consider is working for them part time. Explain you really like working with them but you want to do more designing. It seems that there is much opportunity for that here.