Recent Grad Portfolio Critique


I am your typical recently graduated industrial design major looking for his first real position. I don’t have much experience, so I am very open to internship positions as well!

Please let me know your honest thoughts on my portfolio and if there are any changes I need to make before sending these out to companies. Also, if you guys have any companies you could recommend, that would be great! I am based in Seattle but am open to new places.


Hi! I like your portfolio, it is of high quality for a bachelor student. You clearly show the kind of projects you are good at and have a good overall design ability and sense for form. What is missing from the projects is expert or user feedback in order to strengthen your proof of concept - without it, we cannot judge the success of your work!

It is good that you end with your best project, it is also a good idea to start with a good one. Your skateboard camera project is in my view better than the inhaler because it has more integration of form and interaction while remaining portable and fairly durable.

Your presentation is very good, in my view you are ready to show this to employers. All the best!

Agreed with Ralph’s overall view. Nice work, well executed, cleanly presented.

I disagree on the ordering. I thought the inhaler was a strong start and the cropped image got my attention.

The skateboard camera handle was actually probably my least favorite of the bunch. I didn’t quite get the benefit, seemed complicated, and the form transitions from the tubular handle to the pill shaped element could be handled in a more sophisticated way. I think it is fine for a middle project, but I wouldn’t lead with it.

If I were to recommend an additional project it would be something that steps out a little more and i a bit crazy/memorable/conceptual. The work is very mature (in a good way) but something a little spicy and unexpected could add some flavor.

Again, solid work. In my view this would get you some interviews. I would interview you. Also, really appreciated the folded cardboard table. What I get from that is not only the design, but the ability to work out and execute details with craftsmanship. I look for things like that because attention to detail is so important.

Thank you both very much! Yes I have begun my search so hopefully everything works out.

There are always new problems and projects I want to tackle in order to strengthen my portfolio, but my hope is that my next entry will come from some work out in the field.