Recent grad looking for sample portfolio feedback

I am a long time follower of core77 and have finally signed up. I just graduated in December and am looking to get any feedback at all on my sample work.

My Sample Portfolio
Let me know what you think



hah. 356 page views and no replies.
Anyway. here’s my 2 cents.
I just took a quick look of not more than 2 minutes and then ended up here.
Perhaps If i’ve read ur stuff fully, my responses would have been much different.
At a glance, I’d say, your end products doesn’t leave a much of a lasting impression or basically I’m not sure what your end product is.
Seems like 16 pages is a bit too little. My take on this, either you do a teaser folio or a an extended one with full-on details.

hope this helps.

where is your portfolio? i just graduated as well. i think your link isn’t working


iv just had the same problem, couldnt access the link :confused:

fixed it and slightly updated it as well

My Sample Portfolio

still doesn’t work for me…

i think i fixed it this time, let me know if i didn’t