Recent Grad and Freelance/Fulltime Postion

I just graduated and moved here from ATL. The pay I would think would be a little higher here in Chicago from what it sounds. I have about 8 months internship experience in advertising and marketing as a Graphic Designer. In the meantime while searching for a full time job I’ve done some freelancing and I only charge $20 an hour. So how much should I charge? And about salary, what should I ask for?

Have you checked out this thread? freelance rates?

$20 an hour is too low unless your work is terrible and you work at a snails pace. I asked 3 instructors what to charge (based on my work.) One said between $40-$60, another $40-$50 and this clueless idiot that siad $20 an hour. (Stopped talking to the $20 an hour instructor after that.)

Just had an interview for freelance and asked for $35. I got the feeling I didn’t ask for enough. It really depends on your book though.

BTW for fulltime entry level its about $28,000 to $32,000 although I have seen pay as low as $25,000.

ya i know my book doesn’t suck people compliment me on how good it is, i think my problem is that im a little modest so i have a hard time telling someone what i deserve so i usually settle to make someone else happy. guess i need to get over it