Recent (Engineering) Grad Portfolio

Hello all,

This is a little different than what is usually posted here, as I am a recent mechanical engineering grad, gunning for internship opportunities at firms that have collaborative engineering / ID teams. By necessity of the nature of my education, the portfolio has less ideation and process demonstration than an ID portfolio, but I have worked hard to include visuals as much as possible. Any feedback that might help me to better communicate my passion, intention, and skills would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!



My first impression is that your portfolio has an incredible amount of text. It reads more as an autobiography than as a
work portfolio. Some of that stuff can be saved for the interview. Also, more photos and physical examples of what you have created
would be helpful. Feature that chair. Show process shots. CAD models and simulations are nice, but prototypes/mock-ups are far more impressive. As a recent graduate, it is difficult to have a lot to show as the majority of a typical ME curriculum is very theoretical. I think its great that you are taking art classes and have an interest in furthering your sketching skills. However, I would put in sketches that are more process oriented - the ones that help you get to your final solution. Still life and figure stuff is nice but you would be better off incorporating sketches that are related to your projects. If you don’t have them, go back and fake some. Good luck.

Thank you for the observations! I agree on all accounts, and I appreciate that you are viewing with the ME education in mind. In time, I plan on replacing as much of the words as I can with process illustration, somehow. I am currently in a product design continuing-education course, so that should help to develop related skills. I think I may also make up some projects, with certain criteria and constraints in mind to guide my work.
I don’t want to completely push out the ME work, just make it appear a little bit more applicable to a design team (including it in a “portfolio” in the first place was an important step). Thanks again!

Be careful obtaining direction from Industrial Designers on how to lay out your portfolio. We gear our portfolio to our audience which is usually other Industrial designers or people who are use to looking at industrial design portfolios and are wanting to hire a Industrial designer. In your presentation always remember who your audience is and understand what they are looking for. I.E would a engineering manager refer some nice pictures and a little bit of text, or do they want to know the nitty gritty and the details…

I really like this guy’s portfolio (despite its length, which may be a standard for architects):

It’s true, I need to keep in mind that this is intended for engineering managers, and therefore it shouldn’t conform exactly to what is typically expected of ID portfolios. However, I am hoping to find a position within a closely meshed interdisciplinary teams that includes ME and ID, perhaps among others. There do seem to be quite a few companies who at least claim to have such teams, and I think that they may respond to candidates who have an appreciation for and understanding of the other disciplines.
That is quite the impressive portfolio… every other one I see makes me think that mine needs to be overhauled.