RealCAD - any good?

I’m about to start a new job and have to buy some software.
I’ve always used Autocad in conjunction with 3ds max, however, due to cost I have taken the opportunity to look for alternatives. I’ve been recommended RealCad for the drafing and Rhino / Flamingo for the 3d.

Anyone familiar with RealCad at all, basically need it for furniture and lighting design, so nothing terrible mechanical. Any function etc that are missing?


If you start i would make i’m compactible with my clients. And that’s most off the time autocad…

Haven’t used Realcad… Maybe someday.

Good luck!

Looka at Ashlar -Vellum’s Cobalt - it does both, is relatively cheap and can import/export many different file formats.

I have used RealCAD for quite some time, on and off for 8 years. I have also used AutoCAD and Rhino and Solid Edge and IronCAD as well as some of the cheapie programs. RealCAD is equally as good as AutoCAD in my opinion but way easier to use and quite easy to learn. I can open and save AutoCAD files too. I am pretty sure it is much cheaper to buy?. It’s not my preferred 3D modelling software for complex product design tasks but definitely the best 2d software I have ever used and it does have 3D tools that i use for things like furniture design and exhibition design. Support from the guys i bought it off has been exceptional. I wish they all gave that level of support.