Real vs. Created process

Just looking through a bunch of corefolios and wondering how much of the process work (sketches, boards) are created after the fact.

Ive been guilty of the same, seeing as how often the process is too accelerated to do good sketches, rendering, but just wondering how common this is in the industry.

unfortunately no way to post anonymously but I would think some could come forward to shed some light on the “truth” behind some great visuals and process work.



Yeahhh. I’m going to be applying for university and will need a portfolio done in about a month. I have most of the work I need to include gathered up already, but I was just wondering about that. I’ve always ended up re-doing sketches for everything, and drawing up ‘alternate ideas’ that I never really considered in the first place. But my teacher doesn’t even look at that stuff… err. Maybe I’m doing it to make myself feel more professional or something.

And what about random idea sketches I did on like, the margins of handouts? Lined paper in between literature notes? I’ve always ended up re-drawing them in my sketchbook after I finished the related work, but somehow they don’t look as authentic.

I think it is pretty common. I haven’t done it much lately (because of our timelines here).