Re: What to put in a portfolio

I know this question has come up a lot in design forums, but to keep current, I’d like to ask what shoud I include in my portfolio? I’ve got a year of school remaining until I get my degree. However, I’d like to apply for some internships before I graduate.

As for portfolio, do I bundle all my projects into one simple piece, or do I show separate individual projects with more detailed angle?

you should have miniportfolios and full portfolios ready to mail at any time, along with resumes of course. the resumes and miniportfolios can be mailed out at the same time. the purpose of the miniportfolio is to gain interest so dont too in depth with your projects, save that for the full portfolio.
keep everything simple and consistant. design companies get tons of portfolios, and they need a quick reason to eliminate them. so keep everything professional looking that makes them seeem more valuable, and worth a second look.
never use gradients! (advice from bob brunner [pentagram])