Re:Sneaker Factories

Can anyone recommend a good small-midsized factory that makes kids sneakers and EVA sandals in China?

I am not too happy with my current vendor…


Hi! There are a lot of high-quality shoe-factories in Guangdong area. Where is your original vendor from?

Clarks who are in the UK are one of the biggest manufacturers on kids footwear on the planet, they use the same factories as Nike, Adi, Puma etc to ensure materail knowledge/ quality etc. From i what i have heard they move fairly frequently as well! They are a fairly open company and may advise if you contact them direct

Hey! I think Solo is looking for new vendors in China, instead of other places that are with costly labor force.

Quality and price are both important for Solo, I think. However, things are not always as perfect as what we expect…

Yes, Im looking for China factories. My current vendor is in Jinjiang, w/c is also close to Xiamen. Im looking for a mid size company that has good customer service and willing to take risks to grow their business.

My project is targeted for big retailers (ie Target).

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Im new to the ftwear business but travel to CN a lot to develop various things.

my email

Hi Solo. I have already sent you an e-mail to your YAHOO mail-box. Check it out, please!

sorry, i have probably been mis understood due to my slap dash mail…Clarks are based in the UK but manufacture in China.

So far as I know their quality is amazing, but in the mean time, their pricing is horrible for many experienced buyers doing business with local Chinese manufacturers. :slight_smile:

Hi Phone Golf,
it would be cool for me to fully understand what you mean by that, do you think they pay far more than what they should for manufacture or their price point is too high?