Re sizing PDF's

Does any one know of a good way to resize a PDF file?

I usually do my presentations in InDesign on 11X17 paper and if I need to print them to 8.5 X 11 I just “scale to print” and voila. However I would like to have the ability to have both a 11 X 17 to print and 8.5 X 11 to email. Is there an easy way to do this that does not require me to rasterize the PDF?


if in indesign, it should be pretty easy to make a copy of the file, then change the page settings to the smaller size. depending how you built it (if you used the master pages, etc.) the content should mostly scale.

another way is through adobe acrobat if you have the pro version. there is an option under Document > Crop pages that allows you to rescale pages. this is likely the easiest way but sometimes it does do odd things, i’ve found.