Re: new sketching book, anyone know about?

Hi guys

Just noticed a new sketching book on the market. I was about to send away for Sketching: Drawing techniques for Product Designers, by Koos Eissen (European), but just last night, on the internet I saw a new book that came out a few months ago titled, Conceptual Drawing by Joseph Koncelik and it looks really good. It’s textbook material and used by universities it seems and written by an American author, who is a big name in ID and taught at a university. Does anyone have either books? Trying to make up my mind as to which one to purchase.



I have seen some samples from the first book you listed and have been waiting for it to show up in the U.S. so I can snag a copy. I looked up the second and with just seeing the cover, I was not impressed. Does anyone have any images of the actual content?


just wanted to let you know that the Eissen book, Sketching, IS out in the US already. Amazon and are selling it. It was sold as of July 1st.
I googled to death the other book, by Koncelik and can’t find any info, not even Amazon, who sells it, shows the inside of the book. I might just buy both. :slight_smile: Btw, I am student and wishing just to perfect my drawing skills.

I received Sketching techniques for product designers 2 weeks ago, while it was out of order on Amazon, it was available for order on the publisher’s website (BIS publishing).

The book is really great : 250 pages of inspirational sketches from various design studios around the world. I don’t regret my purchase even tough it was a bit pricey with the shipping.

Other than being a nice sketch collection the book covers perspective drawing, roundings, textures, reflections, ideation, explanatory drawings,light,etc.

There are some page example you find in the book at this link of anyone is interested :

Pre-Order only on Amazon

Sold out on

i found a copy on - its worth checking out - there were some used ones too.

I bought it in HK about 5 months ago. Very good.

A must have in your design library.

You can’t beat the price on Amazon. I’m on the pre-order list as well for “Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designers”.

If you’re in a hurry to get this one you can also find it on