RE: Have you seen this ????

This topic regards an earlier post on this web site from 2003 about Cranbrook’s
2D Design web site. I read all the posts from this thread and got the impression (correctly or incorrectly) that people who were posting in this thread assumed that the Cranbrook 2D Design site represents all departments in Cranbrook’s Masters Program. The site which was being critiqued and up for debate represents only
the 2D Design department. 3D Design has its own web site, as do the remaining
eight other departments which comprise the Art Academy’s Masters Program.
Cranbrook Academy of Art is only a Masters program, there are no undergraduate programs for any of the 10 departments. I mention this because the
goals of undergraduate education differ greatly from graduate education.
As well, I understand is for product designers and the product design industry and as the audience is in greater part–product designers, perhaps, you are interested in a site which is more geared toward product design and would be most interested in Cranbrook’s 3D Design web site.


CAA Alumni, 2D Design 2003


although this site is primarily populated by ID folks there are many graphic and interaction designers here… and there presence is growing.

Could you post the link to the 3D site? Thanx!