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Thats a nice bag… I like that lunch pack idea. Kinda reminds me of my days in elementary school when all the kids in the philippines had those cylinder shaped lunch bags that had compartments for your drink and utencils and kept your food warm for the day. Very nice rendering, keep up the good work pare! post more of your work!

First, congratulations on transitioning from a developer to a designer in Asian, not an easy thing to do.

Second, for you first photoshop rendering this is very good, not over rendered.

Lastly though I would say the design is very conventional with almost no distinction between the options or from current bags on the market. Your client is probably very conservative, but it never hurts to show an option that is more innovative and more unique in terms of silhouette, and detailing.

Yeah, they work well. In my 5 yrs, never had to do a photoshop rendering, don’t really think the factories need it. You could get away with doing flat colors (no shading) if it’s just for showing the color blocks. If it’s for personal progress, nice stuff, go for it.
You might want to experiment with the zipper rendering, that’s a hard one. I think the way I ended up doing it for a project was pretty much by hand, a complete pain.

skinny how do you make the zipper rendering,
can you post some sample for reference?
also if you have some old bag ideation sketches
that would be a blast to study on… tnx!!!

Why not just take a picture of the type of zipper you want and it paste it on your rendering? If you want a more hand-drawn look, play with the filters in PS until it’s just right.

I’ve only rendered zippers once and it was pretty crappy, not worth showing. I’ve never really needed to do bag renderings, being able to view the actual samples and material swatches works best for getting the point across. We used to have an inhouse sample shop so in the time it would take to do a really nice rendering we would have an actual sample in the real materials.

I don’t have a whole lot of sketch explorations, there’s normally not much time for that stuff. I used to jump to illustrator pretty quickly since proportions are so important and it’s easier to look at variations and play with them in illustrator to get the look right. Any hand work is really crude and very fast, just enough to get the gist of the idea. When you’ve done enough luggage, you know the general formula for proportions, which details give a high end tailored look as opposed to a more crafty, outdoorsy look. All the designers know that stuff so there’s no need to spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel trying to draw it just right or render convincingly. You just put out what gets the idea across, then try to get an actual sample made as quick as possible so you can really judge and get the rest of the company on board. I guess that’s one of the big benefits of softgoods…really fast turnarounds with very little investment (compared to injection molding!).
Here are just some rough doodles, just a couple of seconds each.

thanks for the replies m914 and skinny,

a big challenge in a project m working on now is we dont have our own sample team and worst we dont even have anyone to do it now, so ideas and designs are filing up which kinda reflects to my productivity output. anyways we will soon find a way around it. i guese that one of the challenges of being a designer materializing the concept fast.

until then keep on designing!