Re-entering the design field after a 7 year absence

Looking to re-enter the design field after 7 years working in Sales & Marketing. I have two degrees in Product Design, a BFA & a MFA.

I also have over 10 years experience previously in the design industry, largely in designing transportation interiors. Other than teaching at the University level(where I already have 2 1/2 years experience), what other sorts of opportunities might I pursue?

I am extremely creative and a strategic thinker, just my design skills are quite rusty. Not looking to compete with the young bucks, feel my experience and skills are better suited for Project Management or Marketing side. My question is how much of a need is there for those skills out there?

I welcome thoughts & suggestions on getting back to my passion of Industrial Design.


Welcome back! Since you bring 7 years of pro experience, it would be really great to see a visual synthesis of that experience, even if it’s not classic ID experience. If you could take some time and get together a visual story of your work/projects, it would help others out a lot to see where your experience would be best suited. Time has past and I’m sure some seasoned folks here would like to see what a matured design process might look like after 7 years, even if it is only trans interiors.

Personally, I’d like to see how you handle the cost accounting of producing a trans interior…but that’s just me…