Re: Continuing Ed : I need HELP!!!

I need help big time! So please hear me out!

Since after graduating from Design&Merchandising School in 2006, I’ve been wanting to get into graphic design! Actually I have too many interests but I believe that Graphic Design collected them all under one roof. I lost my track so many times and I feel stuck most of these times thinking about what to do, where to go and which step to take… Here goes my story:

As my degree was half design and half business I studied, basic design courses in college: Design 101 to 103, space, materials, drawing, brand identity etc… . Therefore I developed an understanding of all the process that goes through a product or a service: from positioning to design for the target market, from presentation to packaging to selling… etc. Although I couldn’t get enough of getting myself involved into design. I worked in a design house and helped Art Directors but I wasn’t fully confident with my technical skills as my degree was not graphic design. Then I decided that I want to study more and applied to Parsons’ AAS Graphic Design program and Miami Ad School’s Art Direction (a student in SVA who wished to study there instead of SVA recommend me the program ans she said that they are great!) while trying not to rush as I was having some visa issues (I couldn’t get a working visa because of a stupid pole that US tried to see if it worked in 2006, so I wasn’t picked!) Then I said to myself “Ok let me go home and think this through”… 3 years past! I am still at home! Cracked some of my shell and started to draw, paint, play with illustrator and even make bags out of canvas and print silk-screens on them!
But I need a big experience! I don’t want to live home for a while, I need to be in US or in London.
Saint-Martins is great but their short courses are too short! and when I have friends in US and while I am missing them this can be a great chance for me with them again!
I cant do BFA, I don’t have that much time, patience or money. I am in between taking some courses from SVA’s Continuing Ed program or getting a Certificate Degree from Parsons (which won’t be enough for my already learned basic knowledge) should I rewind the tape and take that AAS program? and in the meantime take other classes from Parsons and SVA? I might do a fast track program as well. What do you think? Any other schools you can recommend? or programs?
What should I do?!
Not only I want to learn some technical skills but also (even more) I want to develop my artistic skills !!! I do think of Fine Arts too but I can always take classes around that area and develop myself?!?


Thank You!

Check out the virtual ‘classes’ on Designboom - $69 each, and you get feedback on the homework. Could be good portfolio builders if that’s what you need.

Thank You Slippyfish! I will check it out.
Although I decided to go back to School and I’m between Parsons’ AAS Graphic Design Program - Pratt’s A.O.S Graphic Design Program.

Which one do you think is better?