Re: CAD software what is good and whats not?

My question is what is a good type of software package thats affordable for a recent Eng. graduate to use for design, product design or industrial.
I being a Mechanical engineer I am familiar with the likes Of
ProE Wildfire( which I am getting.)
AutoCad have since college
Ansys ( for Fea)
and solidworks
But with the above packages from what I know of them they are more production tools rather then design so…?
What I want is a package that will allow me to put to get some graphic CAD designs for a portfolio and which employers want employees to be able to use?
I have heard of Catia, Rhino and some more. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also is a Mac a must have or would PC for gaming and graphics be equally up to the task? As I have a Laptop a year old with AMD chipset and I am thinking of getting a deskTop of somesort so that I can begin doing some Freelance work.

…it is hard to beat Rhino for the money, however solidworks and pro-e are more common in industry…alias dominates in the id world…and i recommend that you go with a pc…

We are buying seats of ProE Wildfire 2.0 for under $5000 USD. That’s quite a bargain from where it used to be, and the new ISDX module lets you do some good surfaces. Better than Rhino since it’s parametric.

License upkeep and maintenance fees are ridiculous though.

I use ProE wildfire2 for most modelling. It does most things except the renderer is’nt very good (can get an add on module). Alias Image studio is just a renderer and you can get some amazing results without to much effort unlike Max. If you’re getting wildfire 3 (not sure when thats out) it has a better renderer included.

You can only run ProE on PCs. Check the ptc website for info on supportedf graphics cards. ProE dont support mine and it cant handle transparencies in the modelling mode which sucks. You can turn tspcs off but still…

“License upkeep and maintenance fees are ridiculous though.”

have to watch them. i gave up on PTC maintenance.

i read above thing.this thing is fect now presents is not much suteble 4 desiging but future is disiginer. :smiley: [/i][/b]

I guess it all depends on what kind of work you are doing, Solid works is I believe a good starting point for any design engineer. It is far more affordable then Pro E and having used both I believe it offers the same features for less dollars.

For visualizing I have always used 3DS, it is poweful and offers a vast range of tools which are limited only by your imagination. SolidWorks works well in terms of modelling with 3DS. I do all my modeling in SolidWorks and then export the file as an STL to 3DS. You get finer details in your models.

Hope this helps


Pro ENGINEER/Wildfire. Thats whats hot. You can take a cheap course in it at…Design-engine/education……

Hi thanks for the advise… the thing is has the newer proE wildfire 2.0 got an improved renderer or can you import it into something like 3dsMax?

I hope I don’t get beat up for advertising. is the online magazine if you could call it that. is the school called DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION

and not to sound advert esk but we are the only post training / trade school in the country that specializes in ID’er training and Pro/E Wildfire is hot now… I am so excited about it that I can’t help trying to tell everyone. I try to exude my enthusiasm in the training and I guess I get overzealous.

The best part about Pro/E as opposite to Alias is Pro/ENGINEER’s ability to leverage the parent Child relationships to prove form. In Alias a user can conduct what we call direct modeling (can’t model that technique in Pro/E) and in Alias you often times remodel the product to iterate multiple forms. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire you tug and pull on parametric constraints to modify form - size - shape like sculpting. Sure you have to have some strong techniques to feel confident with this style modeling. You have to get good at proving form to impress the sales and management at an interview or to get a raise.

You would have to see the example. Maybe I can post an animation.

FYI: we don’t sell software either. And I am not sure who ‘mojo risen’ is? I hope it is not from our IP address. YO beat my ass on another post the other day. Excuse me if I am evangelical this week because of Easter.

Did anyone read the PTC Advert in JAN/FEB issue of ID magazine two page spread? They are offering Wildfire with Pro/SURFACE and ISDX for 5 grand. PTC took my quote for the advert too. No pay for that I am actually a hudge fan.
I am off to eat rabbits. Happy Easter.