RCA v. St. Martins - Graduate Prg in Communication Design

I am considering the above schools and would like to know if anyone knows anything about how different the above two programs are? Is there a site (aside from the school site) that showcases student work? Do both schools have close industry ties? Is one school geared more toward a certain type of design? Would it be like comparing Art Center College of Design with CalArts (i live in California and am familiar w/ these schools)? Are they just completely different schools of thought?

Hey -
I don’t know much about St Martins - but I’ve heard of RCA a zillion times over, and nothing about St. Martins - usually a good rep means a good school.
But it all depends what you are looking for . . .

seems to me best students the UK choose to do undergraduate in CSM
and do master in RCA, as RCA does not offer any undergraudate programs!
hope that helps.