RCA Interaction vs. Interaction Ivrea

Which is a better choice for studying interaction design
RCA Interaction Design Deptt. or IDII (Interaction-Ivrea)?

I dont know about idii but I happened to be at the rca interaction exhibition a month ago, it was very interesting, attention grabbing and varied. I am doing IDE course in september so i might be a little biased!

im waiting on rca…its damn expensive…so i would pick ivrea

rca work blows me away, but then again, i’ve never heard of ivrea

Ivrea is not cheap either. If you’re European, I think RCA would actually be a bit cheaper than Ivrea. If you’re not from Europe, they are both very expensive. If you’re American, consider ITP in New York, also a good school doing somewhat similar work.

If you have the choice, my recommendation would be RCA, I find the work to be much more interesting. Additionally, you have the benefit of being in the RCA environment, surrounded by many other kinds of designers and artists. There is also the Helen Hamlyn Inclusive Design Research Centre there, and it would be a great opportunity work with some of the professors there: Bill Gaver, Fiona Raby, etc.

ivrea is about $30000 including housing for international students…RCA for anyone outside of europe is well over 50000 with housing costs…NYU ITP is about 30,000 plus housing…

Right. Ivrea is 25,000 Euro a year ($32,142)…seems to be no matter where your from.

RCA is £3,780 a year for UK and EU students, £18,400 ($ 34,406) for overseas students.

ITP is $15,635 per semester so $31270 a year, also seems to be no matter where you’re from.

…plus housing and other expenses like ‘guest’ said. All of these schools seem to offer scholarships & bursaries. If you’ve got the money, RCA would still be my first choice, but it is the more expensive option if you’re not from the UK or EU. Otherwise, its kind of a tossup between ITP and Ivrea, but then, it would be very nice to study in Italy…they are all good schools, you’ll do well to go to any of them.