RC Madman!! Boat, Plane or car? All of the above baby!!


If they were avail I would have one in my hot hands right now!! THis inventor gets 250 emails a day about when this puppy will be released… watch the video and you will see why…

Oh Yeah!!!

that innovation would have never happened if an art school grad ever laid hands on it! This is pure science based innovation…please stay away ID guys, you’ll just ruin this awesome thing!

You idiot. Havent you ever heard of Leonardo Divinci…Go rest your test tube.

All that i am saying cowboy, is that ccs and art center students have no science or credible training that requires discipline. Their education is nothing more than a cult experience cut off from outside systems of checks and balances. My experience has been that when a credible science based contributution have been made by a member of a particular design team, the ccs and art center get huffy and cause tension within the team. They just don’t understand quantifiable science contributed and request irrational changes to the design through fancy renderings and lingo and laugh at the engineers “unrefined” sketches.

To sum it all up, this boat/plane innovation would have never occurred if a art school type was involved at all during the development of this thing.

You idiot! Leonardo studied other subjects in an arena that wasn’t closed off to society. He studied physics and mathmatics and art equally. Leonardo would have been bored a hell at CCS, or Art Center!

now go play dungeons and dragons and go figure out which side you are going to hang your chain wallet on this week…art fool!

maybe that has been your experience, but your statement is too general their are have been, and will continue to be many “art types” who are concerned as much with the engineering & science as much as the products aesthetics…

do you know for a fact that an “artist type” did not assist in any way?

I just accidentally deleted an ellegant rebutal for our ignorant engineer friend, so I’ll sum it up. Please also note that his much deserved F-U is implied.

  1. This craft is a W.I.G. (its nothing new)
  2. It has a ducted fan.
  3. Very simple radio controls
  4. Could be produced very cheaply
  5. Would like creaters to cosider PLA foam, polyester outer for dye-sub graphics (I am not sure if that would work, but it should)
  6. Cross promotion with APBA
  7. Get it to market for all the kids by Xmas for $49.95

All the above is possible, If feet dragging, joy killing, self important engineers are not distracted from thier “my slide rule is bigger than yours” blogs untill the tools need pollished.

By the way, sorry for the typos. As for the anachronyms… look it up geek boy.

…way off point much?

…way off point much?

I was an art student once,

I want a red one!